Dedication. Style. Passion.

We Love what we Do

After spending most of our lives dedicated to the holistic hospitality industry, when the opportunity to own the keys to a neighbourhood flower shop, in what is becoming one of the hottest areas of Miami, presented itself we had to say “Yes!”.

We found a business full of passion and beauty which perfectly fused our talents and drive to create a unique offering in the floristry world.

Our Roots

Our roots are Latin, European & Central American and we have traveled, lived and worked in Asia and Africa. Miami has proven to be the perfect place of birth for our business. It’s a city that embraces our unique fusion of styles, colors and influences. The tropical landscape hums with a vibrant energy and is what makes it not only where we feel at home but where our heart is.

Authentic Tradition

Nourishing, Nurturing & Communicating

We continue the tradition of giving and receiving flowers but with modern convenience, cutting edge style and “beyond the stars” service. Our many influences combine and from these we have curated our Flower Collections with flowers and styles from across the world to inspire and touch your soul.

We believe in the nourishing, nurturing effect of flowers and their ability to communicate emotions. We never underestimate the importance of creating the right color scheme or texture design. We listen to what you want to convey, express or feel and apply it to every order so that what we create will impress, surprise and delight you!

Our ethos is convenience and that should never mean sacrificing quality. We find the finest, freshest stems and blooms from ethical sources and apply our impeccable style.

  • We are driven to deliver top quality design.

  • Our roots and travels create a fusion of styles, colors and influences.

  • A Holistic Approach to Flowers

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